Wild/Eri Silk Wrap Ashima silk / Eri Silk / Pease silk

$169.00 inc. GST


Hand Loomed extra fine fringed Eri Silk scarf/wrap 70 x 200cm. Exquisite fine lustrous scarves .
Eri Silk is also known as Peace Silk or Ahimsa because the silk worms are allowed to complete their life cycle and leave their cocoons as a moth.
This silk is preferred by Buddhists and Vegans. Unlike Mulberry and Tussah silk  where the silkworm spins a continuous filament the Eri cocoons are made up of short filaments, which adds a soft grain to the fabric.This is due to the moth leaving the cocoon and breaking the treads.

This is an amazing fabric, soft, subtle shine with a very soft grainy texture, it looks and feels amazing, you will be absolutely in love with this the minute you try it on.

Botanically dyed with a Australian Spring Garden Selection