Silk top (double layered) 100 % silk

$148.00 inc. GST


This is a gorgeous elegant top, with two layers of 100 % silk. The top layer is made from silk georgette or can be called crinkle silk, this has been hand-dyed using natural plant dyes.

The under layer is like a silk t-shirt, made from silk habotai.

It is hand-dyed with botanical imprints. There is. 6 cm split on both sides, allowing a little more movement. The top is a one size, which is very size friendly. It can fit a size 8 loosely and be equally flattering on a size 16. I’ve had ladies with double D chest size fit these top easily.

When measuring these tops, there approximately 130 cm around the chest

You can wear these tops all kinds of different ways, get creative, and kind your own look. I love tying mine on the side. ?