Cream Silk Maxi Dress dyed with Australian Eucalyptus leaves.

$280.00 inc. GST

Get ready to feel like a goddess in this truly gorgeous design.
Made from A-grade exclusive luxury organic silk that glides over every famine curve.


Feel the strength of your femme beauty shine, when wearing this gorgeous pure silk Maxi dress. Cut on the bias, this elegant dress, glides over the body ensuring a sophisticated style.
The Color has been created using Eucalyptus leaves to make a natural dye, that when mixed with a secret recipe, gives you a beautiful soft cream tone.

Leaves are collected from wind fall, in the Byron Bay area.
Model is wearing a size 8
This dress is available from size 6, 8, 10, 2 and 14
Made with 100% Quality silk, sewn in Australia by an experienced sewer of 35 years, and local to Byron Bay.
The garment is made the highest of quality and will last the test of time.

Australian Native Eucalyptus Ghost-gum. A strong and powerfully spiritual tree known for its incredible silvery white bark and exceptional high Eucalyptus smells/oils from the leaves. Ideal for making a strong and clear eco print when dyed with skill and knowledge of natural dying.

Feel safe that if your dress size needs to be changed this is exactly what we will do, swapping for another size is as easy as sending back to the return address, we’re a suitable size will be sent back to you.

Size 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 AVAILABLE Australian standard sizing (see guide page for more sizing details).

Sizes are Australian standard sizing, and keep in mind that the open back gives you more space, so if your bigger in the bust, this dress will cater for your shape too.

If you need any assistance with choosing your next gorgeous wearable Australian Botanical Eco Fashion piece, give us a call or text, Where HERE TO HELP. We want you to feel amazing wearing these dresses, that’s why we make them.

Silk velvet wrap sold separately.