low back with cowl neck silk maxi dress. Size 8 Warm gold

$239.00 inc. GST


Get ready to feel like a goddess in this truely gorgeous design.
Made from A grade exclusive luxury organic silk that glides over every famine curve.
The sexy low back adds glam, while the cowl neck adds softness. As each dress is individually hand dyed with botanical, each dress is unique, in fabric colour and botanical imprint.

Like nature , natural plant dyes can be unpredictable , which is a good thing, as that’s were you get irregularity, spontaneous leaf patterns you weren’t expecting, and best of all uniqueness! Eco dying and botanical imprints can be repeated but will never be exactly the same, they will be similar but expect your dress to be like nature, it will be a nonconformist individual piece with a free spirt bohemian character.
Eucalyptus botanical imprints and strong eucalyptus plant dye.
Available in size 8 10 and 12 standard Australian

100 % silk Charmeuse

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