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Cashmere Shawls

Cashmere Wraps

Wraps 100% 2ply Cashmere Hand Dyed

Silk Scarfs

100% Silk Hand Dyed

Cashmere Ponchos

Ponchos 100% Cashmere Hand Dyed

Merino Loose Fitting Tops

Silk and Merino Loose Fitting Tops Hand Dyed

Silk Boxers

100% Silk Hand Dyed

Silk Caftans

Caftan 100% Silk Hand Dyed

  • Silk Caftan 100% Mullberry Silk Satin (Botanical Imprints of Bohemia leaf with Eucalyptus Gold

    $199.00 inc. GST
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  • Silk Caftan (Botanical Imprints of Bohemia leaf)

    $169.00 inc. GST
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Silk Maxi Dresses

Charmeuse 100% Silk Maxi Slip Dresses Hand Dyed