Australian Made

Keeping it local

It is important to me to be 100% Australian Made and been registered with the Australian made campaign guarantees you that we are true to what we say. Buying my product helps support three different families here in the Byron Bay shire. Our Silk range is completely (100%) made in the Byron Bay shire by local people.

Designs are created by myself, scribbles on note pads all the way to the completed garment ready for sale, I’m very much involved. This is an important part of high quality and been made locally means I’m able to be present all along the way. No huge production here, I am a small local business enjoying making a creative art piece you can safely wear on your skin and feel assured that during the process of me doing all the natural dying no chemicals are used, only natural elements from the earth, plants flowers, bark, leaves, all found on our property in the Byron Bay hinterlands. All waste dye or water used can be put back onto the garden, there is no pollution of waterways which is, unfortunately, a huge problem with mass production of fashion. I’m lucky to have met Eddie from Main Arm, not far from me, and to actually drive to his property to have my fabric cut is so much fun, a dirt road heading up into the Main arm range, covered in Rainforest and huge trees. His gorgeous studio is beside a very beautiful river that can be running torrents of cold freshwater or at other times completely dry and just a wild pathway of boulders.

Eddie from Main Arm, Mullumbimby, is part of the team, he is a fabric cutter with many years of talent and knowledge of fabrics, he started his apprenticeship in NZ at an early age and is still going today.

Sandy from Ocean shores and her team of talented sewers are fantastic professionals. Their standard is of highest quality workmanship with 30 years plus of knowledge in the industry. It’s always interesting to drop off and pick up my work and see how it looks, and of course, her tiny dog Pippy is there to welcome me every time, sooo cute.

Our models are from local Byron Bay. There natural beauty showing from the healthy lifestyle flourishing in these young women of this area of beaches, ocean, fresh air, and organic foods. Most have grown up here and often customers will say they know their Mum or Sister, it’s a nice community to be a part of working here. Thank you for supporting my business and Australia.